Eiichi Kawabe







Clear acrylic sculpture moves quietly, leaving its shadow on the wall.
The shadows are released from the original form and changing shape as it moves along the surface of the room.
Everything happens inevitable, but when you see the unexpected phenomenon, you will wonder if that so.
The work makes you feel like you are in another dimension.



1969 born in tokyo
1991 graduated chuo art school

solo exhibition
1992  unidentified sitter (nishi ogikubo)
1993  Gallery K (ginza)
1996  Gallery K (ginza)
1997  Gallery ART SPACE (gaien)
2014  Gallery Hinoki C (kyobashi)
2015  Gallery Hinoki e (kyobashi)
2016  Gallery Hinoki e (kyobashi)
2016  Kobo (ginza)
2017  Gallery Hinoki e (kyobashi)


1969 東京生まれ
1991 中央美術学園卒業

1992 unidentified sitter  (西荻窪)
1993 ギャラリイK  (銀座)
1996 ギャラリイK  (銀座)
1997 ギャラリー・アートスペース  (外苑前)
2014  ギャラリー檜C  (京橋)
2015  ギャラリー檜e  (京橋)
2016  ギャラリー檜e  (京橋)
2016  巷房  (銀座)
2017  ギャラリー檜e  (京橋)