Eiichi Kawabe




I sometimes wonder whether all the events in every day, big or small, that happen to us are inevitable or by coincidence.
If you don’t know the reason, you think it happened by coincidence , but once you analyze its cause and effect at the macro level, you can see its necessity.

The image of the elements in my work evoke the idea of law, order, rationality, logic and necessity.
When the elements of work are interlaced by multiple dimension, an image appears. The image often seen as if it appears by coincidence, but actually it just appeared necessarily.
Even though it is a simple effect of the phase of the viewpoint or the movement of the work itself, but I place importance on the experience of viewing many different images in a single object.
I intend to make a work that evoke three dimensional thinking by intuitive and sensation. This experience only gained by carefully perceiving the work in multiple perspectives.
We feel excitement and elation when we see unexpected aspect of things or moment of change. I think this is because our old pattern of thinking has been overwritten by new way of thinking.
Such sensations, I believe, could enhance creativity and inspiration, and also help us to find solutions of our problems.
Ultimately to the evolution of our society.






1969 born in tokyo
1991 graduated chuo art school

solo exhibition
1992   unidentified sitter (nishi ogikubo)
1993   Gallery K (ginza)
1996   Gallery K (ginza)
1997   Gallery ART SPACE (gaien)
2014   Gallery Hinoki C (kyobashi)
2015   Gallery Hinoki e (kyobashi)
2016   Gallery Hinoki e (kyobashi)
2016   Kobo (ginza)
2017   Gallery Hinoki e (kyobashi)
2018   Kobo (ginza)
2019   Gallery Hinoki e (kyobashi)
2021   1010Art Gallery (yokohama)



1969 東京生まれ
1991 中央美術学園卒業

1992 unidentified sitter (西荻窪)
1993 ギャラリイK (銀座)
1996 ギャラリイK (銀座)
1997 ギャラリー・アートスペース (外苑前)
2014   ギャラリー檜C (京橋)
2015   ギャラリー檜e (京橋)
2016   巷房 (銀座)
2016   ギャラリー檜e (京橋)
2017   ギャラリー檜e (京橋)
2018   巷房 (銀座)
2019   ギャラリー檜e
2021   1010美術 (横浜)